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Whilst we currently employ 100 local staff to deliver products and services to our existing customer base, we are cognisant of the resources required to meet the diverse requirements of Queensland Government Departments, State Schools and other entities that will have access to the Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA).

Newly appointed to the DETSOA 84891, Computer Alliance is ready to bring new energy to the supply of ICT hardware and services to Queensland Government. Given our 20 years of maturity, Computer Alliance has the right people, the right infrastructure and a proven track record when it comes to delivering value. When you need to replace your fleet, we’re here to assist you with everything from new model evaluations to decommissioning your old devices for recycling.

DETSOA 84891 Category 1:  Supply and Support of ICT Hardware:

  • Desktop personal computers (PCs);
  • Portable computers (Laptops, notebooks);
  • All in one devices;
  • Mobile devices (non-rugged and semi-rugged);
  • Mobile devices (Innovation);
  • Small Network Attached Storage (NAS);
  • Accessories – a range of associated to the core items peripheral devices and equipment to meet customer needs (Cables, Carry Cases and Bags, Chargers, Batteries, Docking Stations, Keyboards, Monitors, Mouse, USB Optical Drives, etc.).

We also provide the following ancillary Services under DETSOA 84891 Category 1: Supply and Support of ICT Hardware:

  • Product delivery;
  • standard warranty Services for Products within the Category;
  • extended warranty Services for Products within the Category;
  • Image installation;
  • service desk and incident management;
  • account management;
  • asset tagging and information;
  • electrical testing;
  • provision of evaluation Hardware;
  • provision of swap hardware – ARP
  • technology update presentations; and
  • reporting

DETSOA 84891 Category 2: Provision and Support of Life cycle Management:

  • On-site Hardware installation.
  • Hardware decommissioning.
  • Image creation and management.
  • Customised Hardware Support Services.

QEDSOA 71789 Category 1: Interactive Solutions

Computer Alliance is now a preferred supplier under the new Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) QEDSOA-71789 for the provision of Interactive Solutions for Category One. The SOA will provide Queensland Schools, Department of Education, Corporate and other Eligible Customers access to cost effective and high quality Interactive Solutions and Innovative Technologies.

Eligible Customers Include:

Queensland State schools;
Queensland non-State schools;
Queensland School Parent and Citizens Associations (both State and non-State sector);
All government departments, local governments, government owned corporations and statutory bodies.

Services we can supply under the Interactive SOA include:

  • Interactive panels and screens including those with cameras, touch screens, email capability etc.
  • Projectors and Collaboration Devices
  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Installation Services

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