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Managed BYOD & 1:1 Solutions

We have years of experience in supplying and provisioning Education Solutions

Computer Alliance has over the years, worked with hundreds of Public and Private Schools around Australia to assist them with their IT requirements. We are a specialist education partner with an extensive PC portfolio comprising of technology that has been carefully selected from the most reputable manufacturers.  Our major technology partners include Lenovo (Platinum Partner), Microsoft (Gold Partner), HP (Gold Partner), ACER (Education Partner), Asus (Platinum Partner).  

Being a tier-one partner with our vendors has allowed us to be in a position to assist schools with the latest hardware solutions featuring; tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, monitors and all-in-one devices, all designed to support dynamic and interactive learning environments. We have a dedicated team of specialists that can evaluate, customise, and source solutions that meet your exact requirements. 

We have access to a broad range of manufacturers to create solutions that meet your requirements.


Many schools in both the public and private sectors have implemented a BYOD (Bring your own Device) or CYOD (Choose your own device) program in their school. Some of the advantages of such a program can be the lessening of budget pressures and the possible reduction in support resources.
Whichever solution your school chooses, Computer Alliance can assist you to successfully deploy the program that best suits your requirements.

BYOD Bring your own device

With consultation with the school, Computer Alliance can help recommend suitable devices that are specifically designed for use in the Education environment. We can combine, your recommended specifications with the best of breed products from Lenovo, Acer, HP and Asus to create a customised list of recommended Laptops. Using these laptops, Computer Alliance will develop custom pricing and then create a tailored BYOD portal that allows the parents to purchase Laptops with the confidence of School approval.

By purchasing through a BYOD website, the school can be confident the devices will be fit for purpose and the parents can be confident that they are getting a reliable, robust device that will last them well into the next stage of their education. We have the ability to custom design your own  BYOD Portal, to suit your schools requirements. Speak to our Education Team today to find out more.

BYOD Portal Samples

CYOD Choose your own device

As with BYOD, Computer Alliance will work with the school to develop a range of suitable devices for their student’s needs. However, under the CYOD model, the school co-ordinates which models are available and consolidates the order for these units on the parents behalf. This allow for standardisation of technology while still reducing the budgetary burden to the school

Device as a Service (DaaS)

The world is slowly moving to Device-as-a-Service solutions to lower the costs associated with notebook and desktop roll-outs and the ongoing management.  The advantage of DaaS is that it’s not just a hardware lease, as it provides an end-to-end lifecycle service for the organisation’s devices.  DaaS is tailorable to the customer’s specific needs and any or all, of the following components may be selected in their DaaS model:

  • Endpoint selection of Tablet, notebook, desktop, workstation, custom build to meet specific user requirements
  • Image creation
  • Test & Image load
  • Asset tagging (tag and BIOS)
  • Installation services
  • Data Migration
  • Staging – temporary warehousing, delivery
  • End-of- life-Services
    • Data Destruction
    • eWaste processing
    • Data destruction and eWaste certificates