Notebook Care Guide

Your student’s computer is a significant investment.  Here are some guides to maintain it in good condition:

  1. Avoid dirt and grime from collecting on your notebook by washing your hands before using your notebook.                             
  2.  Don’t eat over your notebook as crumbs and keyboards don’t mix. Also avoid drinking near your notebook, as a spill can be disastrous
  3. Make sure that your notebook is well-ventilated by ensuring that the vents are clear of any obstructions
  4. Plug your computer into a power source whenever possible as this will extend the life of your battery
  5. Protect your notebook when traveling by placing it in a sturdy laptop carry bag
  6. Clean your notebook regularly with appropriate wipes or Cleaning Mud. It only takes a few minutes to clean your notebook of dust and grime.  You should focus on the screen and keyboard.
  7.  Be gentle when plugging in peripherals e.g. USB Drives, accessories, adapters etc. Many have specific ort locations so examine the accessory and port before trying to plug it in, as damaging a port can be an expensive exercise.
  8. Completely Shutdown your notebook once every few days. This will allow for a reset and the downloading of Microsoft updates
  9. Hold and lift the computer by its base. If you lift your notebook by the screen alone, you could damage the screen or the hinges that attach the display to the base. The display is also easily scratched or damaged by direct pressure, so take care not to place pressure on it.