Joseph Chai

Joseph Chai

Business Development Manager

Yes, I wear glasses, was good at math in school and work in I.T. I do fit some stereotypes. However, I am also over 6 feet tall, was born in South America and can’t live without vegemite. I like to think that I also break many of them.

In much the same way, as a BDM/AM, I like to think that I can offer more than what you would expect from your stereotypical salesperson.

Drawing from my 20+ years of experience in the many facets of the I.T. industry, I have intimate insight that helps me to navigate the varying relationships between vendors, distributors, Computer Alliance and you the customer.

My philosophy is not just to “sell stuff” but to be a valued partner to my customers. I can add value by creating efficiencies in the supply chain, providing value in pricing and helping to find the best solution for my customer’s needs. My job is to make your job easier.

If it is I.T. related or even I.T. adjacent, how can I be of service?