Glen Quelhurst

Glen Quelhurst

Business Development Manager

Starting in 2011 I have enjoyed working 9 years at Computer Alliance.

With a Mother and Grandfather both being teachers, I’ve been able to appreciate the effort that goes into making a quality educational experience and the changes that technology has made to this field. Being a father myself, I’m excited and proud to help the next generation like my son begin their lives using the best technology mixes available.

I’ve always had a keen interesting in computing hardware. I still have my first 16-bit home computer, moth-balled but working, the Texas Instruments TI-994/A given to me by my loving grandparents gets the occasional workout when I’m feeling nostalgic. I began building and servicing PCs myself in 1993.

Currently at 25 years, my IT career path has seen me go from a diagnostics and servicing specialist to an onsite service agent, to a Computer store manager, then invited into distribution and finally into Education, Corporate and Government sales. I’ve learned that in this industry there is always something new to learn. I’d be happy to assist you with my expertise.

I’ve developed some great friendships with my clients and I look forward to working with you too.