Frequently Asked Questions

Will the performance of my notebook degrade if I don’t use it very often?

As long as you haven’t stored it in an extremely hot or cold environment the notebook will have no degradation in performance.

Is it good to use a notebook with the charger plugged in all the time?

It depends upon how long you use your laptop.  If you use it constantly for five to ten hours a day, then it would probably be helpful to unplug your laptop to maximise the duration of the battery’s life.  However, it’s also good to not drain it entirely each day, as all batteries have a defined number of “recharges” before they start losing charge capacity.  So we recommend that you don’t let it go under 40 percent before charging it again.

What kind of games can I play without taking up all of the data on my computer's hard drive?

It depends of what kind of game it is.  Some use a lot of space and some don’t. Look at your hard drive capacity by going to Start Menu – Computer and then you will see your space, for example, 34.6 GB used out of 128 GB. You can also look at how much space the game takes up on your computer.

Should I backup my data?

Absolutely “yes”.  It can be disaster if you lose your computer or experience a system “crash”.  We highly recommend that you backup your data locally (on your notebook’s C: drive) and take regular backup copies either to a Cloud services or an external hard drive.

Can I connect it to a monitor?

Yes.  However this requires the correct cable from the output of the notebook to your monitor/TV input. Many will have simple HDMI but others may require an adapter. The best way is to use a docking station that allows for a simpler method to attach a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and other USB devices to your notebook.

Can I use normal cleaning fluids to clean my computer?

This is not recommended as some abrasive cleaning solutions can damage your computer.  Screen and Computer Cleaning kits are readily available in retailers.  Whilst there are various “gadgets” to clean keyboards, we recommend that you put aside an old toothbrush for cleaning to clean your keyboard.

Where can I use it?

A notebook is a mobile device but needs to used in appropriate environments.  The best work surface is a flat table or desk or workbench.  Avoid the bed, carpet and surfaces that could block the ventilation system and create a serious over-heating problem.