Device-As-a-Service & Innovative Finance Options

 The world is slowly moving to Device-as-a-Service solutions to lower the costs associated with notebook and desktop roll-outs and the ongoing management.  The advantage of DaaS is that it’s not just a hardware lease, as it provides an end-to-end lifecycle service for the organisation’s devices.  DaaS is tailorable to the customer’s specific needs and any or all, of the following components may be selected in their DaaS model:

  • Endpoint selection of Tablet, notebook, desktop, workstation, custom build etc to meet specific user requirements
  • Image creation
  • Test & Image load
  • Asset tagging (tag and BIOS)
  • Installation services
  • Data Migration
  • Staging – temporary warehousing, delivery
  • End-of- life-Services
    • Data Destruction
    • eWaste processing
    • Data destruction and eWaste certificates