Cost-effective Solutions

Established in 2000, Computer Alliance is acknowledged by our industry peers as an innovative, reliable and ethical IT service provider. We are Queensland owned and operated, employ over 100 team members and continue to create increased job opportunities for Queenslanders.

Our customers are at the forefront of everything that we do. We are consultative, flexible, agile and demand high ethical standards from our team members.

We work side-by-side with our customers to develop solutions that meet their business requirements and technology challenges. Our team of highly qualified industry experts will share industry insights and design IT solutions to meet your specific needs. Our technology portfolio is backed by highly qualified IT architects, subject matter experts and engineers who design, deliver and implement cost-effective solutions.

Our solutions portfolio is extensive and is comprised of technologies from world leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, CISCO, Samsung and many more. We have received many vendor awards, and have achieved Platinum or Gold Status with our major Technology Partners.

Our ICT Solutions Portfolio

Hardware Procurement - Infrastructure

We deliver comprehensive, cost-effective Hardware Procurement Services. Our “whole-of-life” approach encompasses design services, speedy and accurate quotations, rapid fulfillment, installation services, warehousing facilities and environmentally responsible end-of-life recycling. Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Servers – from leading vendors and custom-built
• Data Storage – DAS, NAS, SAN, Tape
• Mobility – notebooks, Tablets, Thin Clients
• Network and Wireless
• Printers – ink jet and laser, personal, MFP and Plotters
• Audio Visual, Digital Signage and Conferencing
• Security – CCTV & IP Surveillance
• Power Management & Racks

Software Services

We offer comprehensive software advisory and procurement services.   We work closely with major software vendors and tailor solutions to meet the budgetary requirements of our customers.   Our systems give our customers the security of knowing that their licenses are always compliant.

In an economic climate where Pay-As-You-Go models are being increasingly adopted, our team also ensures that our customers are given appropriate licensing options.

Design & Implementation Services

Our team of highly consultative Solution Architects design cost-effective solutions to meet your budgetary and technical requirements.   This may include, where required, implementation services.  Our broad scope of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • SOE design, imaging and testing
  • Asset tagging
  • Asset Management
  • Design and custom build of high performance workstations
  • Server design and installation
  • Storage design and implementation (SAN, NAS, DAS, Tape)
  • Backup & Recovery design and configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network design and implementation
  • Wireless Survey, Design and Implementation
  • Audio Visual design services
  • Security Design and Implementation Services

Finance Options

We offer flexible finance options that reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple finance contracts.  Our solutions can include hardware, software and services.   In a world that is rapidly adopting Pay-as-You-Go models our finance solutions can be structured to meet your cash flow and budgetary requirements.

All equipment, software and services (Project and/or Managed Services) can be incorporated into a single agreement.  The payments can be structured with varying periods and offer payment holidays to reflect equipment commissioning rather than delivery e.g. equipment is receipted in December but not commissioned/deployed until February.  In this scenario we would structure a plan where the first payment would not fall due until February.  Similarly, depending on the profile of the IT assets (core infrastructure, software, peripheral devices etc) we structure the finance to align with the projected life of the equipment.

Our finance agreements are “Off Balance Sheet” and not reported as contingent liabilities.

Our whole-of-life finance facility also offers flexible end-of-term options.  The customer may continue to use the equipment or return it  and leverage our end-of-life services that includes data destruction and environmentally friendly eWaste recycling compliant with ISO 14001 standards.