Coomera Anglican College Case Study

Coomera Anglican College Case Study

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School in Queensland, Australia, felt that their school’s technology was becoming disjointed and dated, and wished to find a single partner who could help modernize and unify their equipment across the entire campus.

Turning to BenQ’s extensive product range for solutions, the school acquired new display equipment for the entire campus. All of the school’s monitors were replaced with new high-quality, adjustable-height models to better facilitate teaching and learning, and a variety of high-resolution displays and projectors were installed in classrooms and other shared spaces to enhance collaboration and give teachers the support they needed.ResultThe school’s principal, teachers, and students were impressed with how the new equipment boosted both in-school communication and provided opportunities to reach out and connect with people from other countries and cultures. The partnership has been a point of great satisfaction and the school is currently discussing the possibility of further projects with BenQ.

Founded back in 1892, Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS) is currently one of the top private schools in Queensland, Australia, offering coeducation through grade six and girls-only education for grades seven through twelve. It was around 2017 that the principal and chief executive officer of IGGS, Dr. Peter Britton, reached a point where he felt that the school’s education technology was becoming obsolete.

Classroom devices were often old and difficult to use. Teachers struggled with a patchwork of IT equipment from many different vendors and systems that were incompatible with one another. And staff worried what parents and other visitors would think when they saw old monitors on desks being propped up with telephone books. For a school that prided itself on having a display in every classroom and a monitor on every teacher’s desk, this was simply unacceptable. Dr. Britton and the rest of the staff were resolute that something must be done.


Working with BenQ, IGGS began a complete technological overhaul. The first thing to go were the old monitors and the books they sat on. They were replaced with 24- and 27-inch BenQ Business Monitors, which delivered excellent image quality and adjustable height at an affordable price. Next, for classrooms IGGS opted for BenQ’s 65-inch RP654K 4K Interactive Flat Panel displays. Offering not only a superior viewing experience, these panels included features like Floating Toolbar, which lets teachers pause content instantly, underline or circle key points, and make annotations. Teachers also appreciated that the display could be used independently without need for an external device, thus allowing them to present class material on the big screen while using a laptop to keep track of lesson plans and personal notes.

In one of their redesigned meeting rooms, IGGS decided to bring in an 86-inch BenQ RP860K 4K Interactive Flat Panel. Capable of letting multiple people write on the screen at once, it streamlined how presenters delivered their content and facilitated more efficient staff meetings. For classrooms in their business faculty, IGGS brought in BenQ’s LX810STD Short Throw Laser Projector. With 3000 lumens of brightness and instant on, instant off capability, the short throw projector was a perfect fit for the limited spaces and low ceilings of the business faculty’s classrooms. Finally, for the auditorium, the school chose to install a BenQ LU9715 Laser Projector. Because of its short throw distance, the new projector made it possible to use over three quarters of the stage without casting shadows on the projection, delivering crisp, clear images while also making musicals and other performances much more immersive.

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